Fast, efficient distribution

Our multi-site logistics strategy is key to our success. Our network comprises 13 regional distribution centres (RDC’s), which optimises delivery times and reduces the environmental impact of our customers. In addition, our non centralised approach ensures that our logitsics network is unparalleled for disaster recovery in our industry.

Through a fleet of more than 200 OfficeTeam vans (plus a number of electric vehicles) we deliver across the UK and Ireland. Our logistics team provides expertise in systems, routing, trunker scheduling and project management, to ensure faster times and shorter distances for our deliveries.

As part of our end-to-end solution we consolidate multiple consignments from various suppliers for onward delivery in a single consignment. We offer:

  • Fast, local delivery
  • Flexible delivery schedules
  • 99% KPI delivery performance (against 97% market rate)
  • Tracked deliveries and online PODs
  • In-house team of uniformed drivers
  • Consolidated deliveries for minimal carbon emissions
  • Logistics management of your existing suppliers and supply chain